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Meet The Woman Behind The Name 'Maami Market' In Every Military Baracks And NYSC Orientation Camps

A lot of people grew up in the military barracks and never knew how the "Mammy Market" they always go to get stuff came about. Mammy Market is not only located in Military Barracks but also all the 36 NYSC Orientation Camps nation wide. Those that grew up in the military barracks and others that have been to the orientation camp thought maybe 'Mammy Market' is just an identity or name for markets in the military barracks/NYSC orientation camp. It's always good to know our history sometimes for History is a key in retaining the Identity of a society. History is never a wasted Knowledge.

SOURCE: Nigeria Stories Official Twitter Page

Mammy Market is a Place that's normally close to the military barracks where soldiers often go and buy their daily needs. It was named after a woman called Mammy Ochefu in Enugu state, in 1955. She was the wife of a late military Governor, Col. Anthony Aboki from a defunct East Central state. Mammy Ochefu at that time, was selling 'enyi' to support her family.

One of her clients, who is a Lieutenant Colonel build her a kiosk after some of her customers complained that the drink was attracting flies, so the kiosk made her market more comfortable and conducive. She continued selling her drinks there, and also added snacks to interest her customers, until her family was posted out of Enugu state.

When her family was posted out of Enugu state to Abeaokuta, Mammy handed the business over to another lady who is interested in the business, asked her to retain the name to make sure her name, 'Mammy' never dies. Since her husband was a military personnel, they always transfer them from one state to the other. Any state she gets to, she'll always establish her business there and when she's about to leave, she hands it over to anyone interested in the business as far as the person is willing to retain the name.

Mammy later registered her business in 1971 as "Mammy Market". After her husband retired from the military work, her business had already grown into a very big supermarket. Uptill date, anytime, a military barracks is being built, there's always a "Mammy Market" built close to it.

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