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Deji Adeyanju should leave Nigerians to worry about the removal of fuel subsidy & stop the blame act

Fuel subsidy has been an essential topic of discussion In Nigeria for more than a decade, and it is not going to stop now.

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A country that imports petroleum products, and is among the largest oil producers in Africa, would always contend with this issue until it can refine crude oil domestically.

Now, the topic is on the horizon again as the minister of finance, Zainab Ahmed, complained that fuel subsidy is costing Nigeria the resources invested in Schools and hospitals.

Admittedly, Some officials in this present administration are part of the people that protested the removal of fuel subsidies during President Goodluck Jonathan's administration.

But, it now looks like one doesn't get the complete picture of everything until you get into the Government and see things for yourself as fuel subsidy continues to give policymakers a hard time.

However, the way we politicize matters in the country makes more negative impact than the matter itself.

On Sunday morning, Deji Adeyanju alleged that the federal government plans to increase fuel pump price to N450 per liter. He also analyzed the price of commodities under this administration with that during Goodluck's administration.

In my opinion, Deji Adeyanju should leave Nigerians to worry about the removal of fuel subsidy as allegations like this is capable of throwing traders into fear and shooting up the price of commodities.

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That his favorite president (Goodluck Jonathan) contemplated and even removed fuel subsidy at some point during his administration is a testament to the fact that only the person on the seat knows and sees the damage that fuel subsidy is doing to our economy.

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Also, the comparison price of goods during Buhari's regime to that of Goodluck Jonathan to discredit this government's effort is unfair to the president.

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To state the obvious, both leaders did not have the same challenges in government. During Jonathan's era, only Boko Haram constituted his primary challenge. But president Buhari is grappling with bandits in the Northwest, Boko Haram in the Northeast, agitations all over the South East, and even the issue of the drop in price of crude oil in the international market.

All of these challenges have dire economic consequences and are capable of shooting the price of goods up.

When the value of crude oil has dropped, it is not of place for the government to consider or contemplate the removal of fuel subsidies to save funds. Still, then, the government is yet to do that, which is why Deji Adeyanju should stop the blame game and allow the people to worry about fuel subsidies.

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