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An Open Letter To The Rivers State Commissioner Of Police, Eboka Friday

Dear Commissioner,

I write you this letter to commend your timely and proactive action taken against the unprofessional conduct of some of your subjects who are hell bent at dragging the noble name of the Nigeria police in the mud.

For decades, it is generally believed that every policeman on the street is associated with atrocities, or tagged with any other evil nomenclature available, which is not actually hundred percent right, going by the patriotism some of us in the system had showcased since we joined the work of service to the humanity.

As one of your subjects, I joined the Nigeria Police because I believed I own this country an allegiance, and to the best of my ability I have tried in my capacity to carry out my responsibility as a policeman with diligence and uprightness, though I am a human, which means I'm not a perfect.

Anytime i see a colleague misbehaving, it always beat my mind why some ungodly individuals in the system take pleasure in treating a fellow human being in an injurious manner, simply because he/she is in a certain position of power, the position that is naturally meant for the protection of masses, to maintain equal justice and right, as well as equality of every individuals in the society among others.

Some months ago #Endsars protest ravaged the whole country, on the heels of the unprofessional conduct of policemen across the nation, which subsequently led to the disbandment of Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS), the notorious tactical unit in the police known for its nefarious activities.

Sir, it is disheartening that despite all efforts being put in place by the Nigeria Police authority to curb all the inappropriate acts of some individuals in within the job with harsh punishments if found guilty of any unprofessional conduct, some have chosen to turn their deaf hears to all the warning, as if they are not matured mentally and professionally.

This brings me to the issue of the Eagle Crack Squad, another notorious tactical unit of Rivers State Police Command you disbanded today, because of their devilish activities that could easily plunge the country into another confusion if not nib in the bud.

Sir, you re indeed a great leader, and I commend you for the swift action, because you did not allowed these set of unscrupulous people to rubbish the spotless name you have built for yourself over the year.

With this your singular move, I urge you not to leave anyone found guilty unpunished, as it would serve as a deterrent to others that may want to indulge in such act in the future.

Thanks and God bless.

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