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Which country will be the world's leading economic power in 2050?

As much as any loyal countryman wants his/her country to lead, there’s only one contender: China

For these reasons :

China has demonstrated the capability to innovate: Soon the Intel of China, the AMD of China, the Tesla of China, will make their way towards world stage. Yes, a part of that comes from forced technology transfer and reverse engineering. But those who say China can only copy, not invent, has somehow forgotten that the Chinese has always been great inventors, or probably they have never heard anything about “Four Great Inventions of China” or “John Bull”. Truthfully, forced technology transfer and reverse engineering is not new. What’s new in China is, they can manufacture it at half the time, and a quarter of the cost.

China has infrastructure like no other

In simplest analogy possible: 4,000 years ago someone owned 500 goats, because, well that’s as much goat milk he can sell to his village. Then someone invented the wheel, enabling him to sell 10x as much goat milk to 10 other villages. If technology is the height of the sky scrapper, infrastructure is the foundation upon which wealth is build. In this part i will let pictures speak for themselves with as little explanation about the building as possible.

55 kilometers sea crossing bridge

Actually, 41 out of 50 highest bridges in the world are in China.

19 Gigawatts dam (Great Brittain’s power capacity is 97 Gigawatts)

Largest port in the world. 7 out of 10 largest ports in the world belongs to China + Taiwan + HK.

Due to treacherous mountainous terrain, as of 2019, China build 4,000+ km of expressway like this just in Gansu province so Chinese can drive 120km/h on it. 350km/h high speed railway will be build after that.

China has lifted poverty like no other

No country has lifted half poverty in less than 50 years. Except… China, who lift 88% people out of poverty from 1981… To 0.7% in 2015. Again, simple analogy works here. GDP growth is defined as follows :

Growth = Consumption + Exports - Imports + Government Spending

With the exception of few economies, consumption is always the largest contributor. Especially if they have at least one billion citizen! Any country that takes the lead must have the power to redistribute its wealth to citizens, increasing their welfare, and resulting in higher consumption. Poverty is a trap, and is severely hard to escape from. So in most cases, the responsibility relies on the government. Poverty is a very chronic sign of a country’s lack of ability or interest to increase consumption.

China’s leaders works for the best interest of Chinese

While Donald John Trump spends his youth in penthouse with golden-coated marble toilet, Chinese leader, Xi Jinping, spends his youth in 1970s here.

Xi’s father is a political elite, yet he lives in a cave without electricity, water, or network connection. With fleas and bug beds. In a village with 20$ GDP per capita, young Xi dug out village excrement to make fertilizer, sold his motorbike (which is a luxury back then) to buy water pump, developed agriculture, made the village prosperous, and made his career as the village’s party secretary. Xi is not unique. China has 80 million officials, most of them volunteered themselves and each of them made the climb based on merit. Seriously, if you have 80 million to choose, how many self-serving, dishonest, corrupt, incompetent officials made it barely halfway to the top? And if officials willingly dug shit for their village, will they sit idly while poverty and inequality runs through China?

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