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Shout The Name Of Jesus, And Declare This Powerful Prayers Point Over Spiritual Attacks

Psalms 18:19-31

Time and again we have found ourselves wondering if we could have averted a particular disastrous event by doing things differently. Sometimes we remember a certain direction from God that we ignored just before an unseemly event unfolded. Other times, we remember obedience to God and the rewards that came with it. How can we keep enjoying God’s deliverance?

In the time of distress, David called to God, he cried to the one who was able and willing to save him. He could relate freely with God because he had lived a life of obedience to God. He walked in uprightness and in diligent obedience to God. In time of trouble, he cried to God about his situation and his cry for help came to God. Then, God answered him with miraculous manifestations.

When you find yourself in unpalatable situations with things spiralling out of control at neck-breaking speed, are you humble or sensitive enough to recognize your need for help and seek help when you need it? Who do you call for help as a first resort? The first person you call upon is the person you trusted the most. For your deliverance to come when you needed it, you need to recognize that your own strength is limited but God’s is unlimited. You must also recognize that God is not only able to save you but He is also willing to save and deliver you from every form of attack. Don’t make God your last resort or go with the paradigm “when all else fails, try God”, because after you have tried everything it may have been too late for you. God should be your first resort, go to him even before all else fails because with him nothing else will fail. 

Action Point: My Helper, my helper, there is something that makes me come into your presence, my helper.

Prophetic Declaration: I am delivered from every form of attack. I am more than conqueror.

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