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See the huge Salaries and Allowances our Senators recieve monthly.

The Senate house of Nigeria is the Legislative House of the Government. The primary duty of the Senators is to make laws, that is to propose a bill, review it and pass it into law if it passes the review. In very rare cases, they are in charge of impeaching a sitting President or government.

Before now the actual salaries of senators were not disclosed to the public. With a lot of speculations, rumours and uncertainty around the subject, Senator Shehu Sani a prominent senator from kaduna state revealed to the public the economic gains of senators in Nigeria.

This post looks at a detailed breakdown of how much senators earn in Nigeria;

Basic Salaries and Allowances

Senators in Nigeria are receives the sum of 750,000 per month as basic Salaries.

Plus a whooping 13. 5 million as Allowances per month

This sums up to 14. 25 million naira monthly and 171 million naira yearly

(When converted to the current black market rate of 360 to the dollar, it sums to the total of $39, 583 per month and $475,000 yearly)

They also get other bonuses for;

Hardship Allowance

Constituency Allowance

Furniture Alliance

Newspaper Allowance


Wardrobe Allowance

Recess Allowance

House Allowance

Utilities ( Electricity charges, telephone charges, Internet access charges, water rates)

Domestic Staff


Personal Assistant

Travel and transport Allowance ( Local and International travels and transport)

Vehicle Maintenance and Fueling Allowance

Motor Vehicle Allowance

Remedies and Medical supplies allowance


From the above, if we attempt to calculate the amount of money for all 109 Senators put together put together per year, it would run into billions and trillions.

Also, besides the monthly salaries and monthly allowance, there is another project called constituency fund for federal lawmakers.

For this project, A Senator is given the sum of 200 million naira, but not in cash. Senators are required to submit projects that are equivalent to that amount. This is meant be carried out through an agency of government but with the Senator overseeing it.

The problem is that more often than not, this gives room for more corruption because these projects are not always enforced and the money is disbursed.

Where does the money go to?

What is the penalty if a senator is caught cheating the system?

Have you ever wondered why our politicians do all they can and spend ludicrous sums of money for their campaigns for political offices in Nigeria?

Nigeria is currently one of the poorest Countries in the world but in relation to what Law Makers in other countries receive, it is safe to say Nigerian law makers are the highest paid in the world.

Content created and supplied by: Iripia.Abah (via Opera News )

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