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Desperados In Kaduna State PDP Trying to Sabotage Democracy, Says Gora

The PDP National Chairman

Prince Uche Secondus

Wadata Plaza 




For a truth Mr Chairman, Kaduna State PDP has had more than her fair share of turmoil which unresolved have conflated to put our Great Party the PDP in a grave situation politically. That the PDP is now an opposition party is the more reason that issues of disagreement, lack of consultation with relavant stakeholders, the blatant abuse of due process by a group of sit tight office holders needs to be promptly resolved before it gets out of hand.

The PDP as the name implies is a people's political party which therefore means that all decisions ought to distil from the people. But because the electorate of Kaduna State have been sidelined for this long, a few individuals have usurped the decision making mechanism to advance only their narrow self interest. This is not good for democracy and not good for the electorate of Kaduna State which is partly why we in Kaduna are paying this heavy price of an opposition political pary.

The Kaduna State PDP has hardly exited one crises when another rares its ugly head. There is the issue of the result of last Ward Congresses which we have cause to believe is being tampered with or has already been tempered with. We were compelled by the cries of many of the passionate members of our party to address a petition to your good office as well as the NWC and NEC of our parry only a few days back on this serious issue and seeking your intervention. While waiting for your prompt intervention there are other concerns which we should also bring to your knowledge as penned in the paragraphs below.

Another brazen illegality is currently in the making in which without authorization or directive from a higher authority, the State PDP CTC Chairman and Secretary acting a script unknown to all organs of the party in the Stste and therefore on their own have been compiling 7 names from all the 23 local government councils of Kaduna State as Congress Committees members for the forthcoming Local Council Congresses. It should be noted for emphasis that neither the Kaduna State PDP State Working Committee or the State Executive Committee have sat to issue any directive on this. It is therefore very clear to even the most naive and unsuspecting members of our parry in Kaduna State that whatever list is forwarded and wherever it is so forwarded is not nonly nugatory but an entire waste of time.

It is clearly evident from the stragegy adopted by the political traitors in Kaduna is designed to bypass or avoid the relevant stakeholders who obviously have stakes in drawing up the lists of the 7 members who ultimately will constitute the Local Council Congress Committee for the 23 Councils of our State. This is a clear conspiracy which could end up in a political coup against the passionate members of the PDP in Kaduna State. If we dare to enquire, exactly what are these woudbe coupists desirous of achieving if not to deepen the already tenuous political schism in the State PDP? Assuming a written directive to this effect was issued why then the secrecy in executing the assignment? For convenience a few of the LG CTC members were said to have been verbally contacted while the others were left out. How then can anybody wake up and start compiling names without consultation with the relevant stakeholders? By this petition, we challenge whoever has anything to hide with regard to this exercise to come out clean in the collective interest of all members if the PDP in Kaduna State.

Innuendoes are making the rounds among concerned members of the PDP that a governor of a North West State is driving this brazen illegality. It is issinuated that this governor has assured that once the names were complied he will convey them to the Rivers State governor His Excellency Nyesome Wike who will then pass same to you as the National Chairman of our Great Party for adoption. We know His Excellency Governor Nyesome Wike as a Man of the People and he fights clean not only for his people but others too politically If this evil and illegal scheme scales through, democracy would have been mocked. As a Democratic political party as the name suggests, there should be no secrecy in the political processes not only in Kaduna State but elsewhere in Nigeria. We challenged any political player in Kaduna certain of a following to play clean politics. Outsourcing of political meddlers in the politics of another State is not honourable.

We are very much aware that rather than meeting and drawing up the list of the LG Congress Committee members at the PDP State Secretariat the innermost circle of conspirators have chosen the safety of the office of the known failed PDP governorship candidate in the 2019 election some where along Galadima Street in Kaduna. We are left to wondering what Mr Felix Hassan Hyet the already expired PDP State Chairman who could not inspire any victory for the PDP in the State, a jaded PDP State Secretary, an expired former Ambassador as well as the failed PDP governorship candidate of the PDP hope to achieve by conspiring to undermine the PDP from within. Exactly who are these conspirators scared of to have become so desperate as to source help from outside of our state to help them dupe the electorate of Kaduna State. Just incase the failed PDP governorship candidate in the 2019 governorship elections is still nursing the idea of being voted governor in Kaduna State anytime soon he better abort that day dream because he simply does not have what it takes and he knows it, that is if it is the electorate of Kaduna who will cast the votes.

We want to state here without equivocating that the actions of the CTC Chairman and Secretary without minding who's script they are acting has no justification in any Democratic society and therefore is doomed to failure. The lessons of Rivers and Zamfara States in the lead up to the 2019 general elections must not be forgotten so soon in the day.. By this letter, we are appealing to you to deploy your goodwill and authority to ensure that due Democratic procedures are followed in producing members of the Local Council Congress Cimmittees.

Thank you Sir.


Albehu Dauda Gora

Colonel (rtd)

19 July 2020

Copy to:

All PDP NWC Members

All PDP NEC Members

All Kaduna State PDP SWC Members

All Kaduna SEC Members.

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