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Uzodinma Should Be Getting Ready To Pack Out Of The Government House To Avoid Disgrace [Opinion]

Uzodinma Should Be Getting Ready To Pack Out Of The Government House To Avoid Disgrace [Opinion]

Weighing the suit against Governor Hope Uzodinma, my take is that he should be getting set to evacuate the government’s house anytime soon. Once this case is looked into and those questions cannot be clearly answered, there will be no going further for Hope.

The Hope Uzodinma Vs Ihedioha case may turn around as many have predicted, and when things turn around, Hope Uzodinma had better be set to leave the Government House with immediate effect, just the way Emeka Ihedioha was sent out with immediate effect.

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The fresh suit against Governor Hope Uzodinma, if clearly looked into will not only dethrone and replace the governor, but will also show the degree of corruption that is practiced even within the All Progressive Congress, APC.

The suit which was filed by the Reform and Advancement Party (RAP) states that, Governor Hope Uzodinma was not the winner of the party’s primaries which would determine the candidate of the party, that is to say that he was not the legitimate candidate for the All Progressive Congress.

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During the supreme court’s ruling that pronounced Hope as the governor, many predicted that Governor Hope Uzodinma would not last as the Imo state governor for long, this prophecy may be coming to light. The matter on ground is heavy enough to replace the governor of Imo state and even defame him.

Many, including myself thought the matter has been rested until Reform and Advancement Party (RAP) came up with the suit not long ago. I have a strong feeling that if this suit is properly and judiciously judged, Emeka Ihedioha would be called back to the government house, sacking and pushing out Hope Uzodinma out of the government house.

This can also be seen as the fault of the then leaders of the All Progressive Congress, APC, for denying the legitimate candidate the flag to stand as the candidate in the Imo gubernatorial election.

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Whenever it comes to election in Nigeria, politicians and political parties tend to want to have a candidate that they know will be loyal to them, that among others is the reason many primaries are being rigged. Now tell me, if the primaries could be rigged, how much more the main election?

It can also be recalled that the Apex court’s ruling then generated lots of protests and controversies. Even after the swearing in of Hope, some youths still protested against the ruling. Some attacked the governor while on his way to a function and many other things that happened then.

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Now the ball is in the court of the law, will the law favor Governor Hope Uzodinma again or will it stand against him? If the law does not favor him this time, the only eligible person to take over the governor’s position is Emeka Ihedioha.

The only advice from me to the governor, is for him to be prepared, when the judgment does not favor him, he moves out immediately to avoid disgrace and embarrassment.

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