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Opinion: this is why corruption will not stop! A critical look into the probing of the NDDC boss

These past few years, I have come to realize that the harshest critics of Nigerian politicians are our men of letters - lecturers in the universities, university dons and professors.

Their outburst is justified, they deserve better!

Anyone who is close to these universities dons will reconcile this familiar pattern. They come up with all sorts of criticisms, most times far from reality and utopic. And they sound convincing too; especially those that were opportune to study outside the shores of Nigeria, in the saner climes

Again, I have come to realize that most of them gloat, kick and criticize not because they will do better but because they don't have the opportunity to be in charge.

The pattern is always the same. When given the opportunity, some of them end up as architects of mindless corruption. They are usually in charge of sensitive committees, they head MDAs and other sensitive government establishments - INEC, NECO, JAMB etc and the case is usually the same. Massive corruption and looting. 

It is a shock to know that this NDDC boss is an academic professor!

Professors were also in charge when snakes were swallowing millions from the JAMB office.

Professors and university dons are usually in charge of INEC collation of results, they are the high ranking INEC officials.

Most times, they are the worst performing public officers. 

And the mindless corruption going on in the Universities etc. Career politicians dey learn work from them sef.

It is a frigging catalogue of woes. 

These are the same people who crucify politicians with big grammar and when given opportunities, they constitute nuisance of extraordinary proportion. 

Most of them I have come across are really humans while many are political jobbers waiting for opportunities to 'take their own share'.

These are people who should be the conscience of the society. Their show of shame is overwhelming.

A whole professor, an academic professor, not 'Odumejeje' kind of professor. It is a shame!

What's your take on this? Do you see any trace of our country getting better? Let's have your take on the comment box and please do follow this page and share.

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