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The Truth About Mbaise People And Why A Man From Mbaise Should Be Allowed To Rule Imo.(Opinion)

Given racism against Mbaise men, Mbaise culture and ethics are among the world's noblest. The Mbaise is not ethnically myopic or grievously suspicious. Regarding him: 'What you see is what you get! '. He is, in essence, not only a realist, but a conscientious, practical-minded man: impatient with trivialities and lacking the means to construct bogus schemes.

In other words, the Mbaise guy is more of a hard-working guy than a schemer, the conscientious-worker than the 'wheeler-dealer.' The first thing a Mbaise man needs to know is 'the rules of engagement.' He's still worried with 'what rules apply and what rules don't apply.' By nature the Mbaise man is obsessed with rules and regulations. He cares about boundaries!

There are reasons: Mbaise society is the most patriarchal society on earth. As we all know, there must be strict regimentation wherever the father reigns supreme. So, for Mbaise man: if there's no guidelines and there's no space for fair play, there's no engagement!

Mbaise Men

However, whenever a Mbaise man thinks he needs more than a fair share of a deal, he deserves it! And if he's shortchanged when he deserves the better saying, 'Heaven had no fury than a scorned Mbaise,' it may be real!

More so, though the Mbaise, like his Igbo brothers, may not be mercantilistic in nature. His astute management and administrative skills make up his business acumen deficiency. Unassailably brilliant. If you find him somewhat arrogant: look at his past, he won his gift, mostly by his brawl sweat!

You must have realized that this narrative's consistent theme is that the Mbaise Man is drawn to the 'straight, narrow path,' undeterred by the sacrifice and self-abnegation it requires.

Interestingly, not the Umumuo spirit (the smaller deities; the errant spirits of the dead; & the Echie or Ancestral spirit) is most feared in the traditional Mbaise worship system. Rather, the spirits that is most feared for love, safety & affirmation like the Ofor spirit.

Frankly speaking, the traditional belief system of Mbaise does not separate the Devil from a God who is 'all good and all kinds.' For example: that the same Ofor spirit protects the citizens that strikes the errant & the wicked.

Ihedioha in Mbaise attire

Traditionally, the Mbaise Man will go with equal hands to his gods. Furthermore, since these gods serve as divinity constellations. Therefore, it means: one can not ask for Chukwu-Abiama blessings without making sure his hands are clean before Ofor spirit.

Thus, without embracing this traditional belief system (& their and values); and adopting their enforcement mechanism (which predates Christianity), no agglomeration of people can claim to be part of Mbaise nationality anywhere.

In other words, the Mbaise man's watchword is strong, balanced consciousness. Therefore, searching for what is fair, just & real was embedded in his DNA. Sadly, faith in what is honest, just and real is highly antithetical to modern life.

Admittedly, being fair, just and consistent on top (of things) requires not only robust self-belief and ultimate trust in one's 'chi.' Yet, it also includes absolute trust in the higher (God) 'Chi' (neke), which rewards those who faithfully seek happiness. (Please note: what I did is draw on the Mbaise 's traditional spiritual structure and how it influenced the Mbaise man's personality). Otherwise, Mbaise society is at the forefront of the pentacoastal revival sweeping through Nigeria's southeastern part.

Therefore, to ably traverse the confluence of IMO STATE political leadership, our narrative must change! We must choose to leave our harsh condemnation of the morally pruritive, home and ourselves. We must support a man from mbaise to lead our state.

However, with a caveat: never bastardize the state and its resources as the phrase 's current supplier & the current Douglas House occupant has done for the pst months. We must also understand that politics is not an inherently logical endavour: that the autistic savant who has found a way to the hearts of peoples will hold sway forever.

We must also obviously master the political alliance and see the need for political alignment. Where we found ourselves terribly inept in selling ourselves, we must hire the best PR firm & fire an inept marketing team like any goods that suffer buyers remorse.

Yet, finally, it's a commonsense message that works best. When we've tried everything else and didn't get the result we expect. Then it's time to lift the bar: try the Mbaise guy. I believe, for starters, Emeka Ihedioha has the confidence to give us the leadership we deserve.

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