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Major tribes in Nigeria and their state, check where you belong

There are over 300 different tribes in Nigeria with over 500 various languages, they all have significant impact on the shaping the culture of our great country Nigeria, check out the most popular tribes in Nigeria and the state you can locate them ,the major tribes are the Hausa,Yoruba's,Igbo's,Fulani's

Hausa it's the biggest tribe in Nigeria with over 67millions population which us about 25% of our country population, their living area mostly are Accra,Banju,Lagos,cotonu,and most lived in a small villages. Their main town is Daura which is situated in katsina

Yoruba's they are lived in the south western of Nigeria with about 21% of our country population, they are mostly Christian and Islam but still have some ancestral worshippers

The Igbo's,lived in the south eastern Nigeria with about 18% of our country population, they are known for their industrious and great skills others are ijaws10%,Fulani 3.9%,ibibios 3.5%

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