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Two lessons learnt after Governor Sanwo-Olu meet with the man behind his funny portrait

The Governor of Lagos State, His Excellency Babajide Sanwo-Olu finally met with the man behind the drawing of his funny portrait that went viral online couple of days ago.

Recall that one Instagram comic artist Taiwo Osinowo popularly known as Boda Taiye Oniyakuya shared his drawing of the Lagos State Governor via his Instagram handle which has got the attention of many talking.

This also got the attention of His Excellency reacting to the post with the caption, 'So, it's me you drew like this? I'm guessing you will like to present it to me, abi? Ok, come and present it to me in my office. Hmmmm...'

This finally happened yesterday when the drawing was presented to Sanwo-Olu during Youth Symposium held at Ikeja as a platform for the Youth to present their grievances with the reaction of the Governor been out of this world.

His Excellency during the event invited Taiwo to the podium as he appreciated his handwork and talent with an assurance that he will be handsomely paid for his courage.

Consequent to the comment made by the Governor, here are two key lessons learnt from the scenario which could be emulated by all:

- The countenance of the Governor is worthy of emulation as he acted against all odds as many expected him to chastise the comic artist for his drawing that is more of a caricature. Many has even warned Taiwo from taking a step to go for the presentation as they thought the Governor might detain him, as many claimed that the Governor's office is not far from a maximum prison.

With the reaction of His Excellency, it portrait a great sense of humour and humbleness which showed that he has a listening hear to the cry of the people coupled with a great heart to appreciate talents no matter what.

He stopped low without using his power in a wrong direction despite been the number one citizen with all authority in his confinement.

- on the part of Taiwo Osinowo, it is a great lesson to learn by the youth as we should all keep doing what we know to do best no matter the perspective of others about it.

We should also be courageous to take some steps that others consider dangerous or risky as it might pay off anytime soon with persistency.

God bless Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu for his kind of encouragement and humility displayed, God bless Lagos State and Nigeria as a whole.

Photo Credit: Instagram

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