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Wonder Shall Never End: How A Gate Man Checking Women At Gate In Nangere

Wonder Shall Never End: How A Security Man Checking Women At Hotel Gate In Yobe

Yobe State Government shall do something on this kind of cases that we are facing here, how comes a security man checking women without any reasonable or something. 

Many people fail to action on this kind of problem but to be sincere it suppose to be woman checking women only and man checking men only, but I don't know where this thing start happening in our area why? 

Can you imagine the way he is checking her like he is doing something else and the stupid girl was standing and he is doing what he like. 

Please if this news reach you please try all your possibility and share to many people and tell them to share too, till the news reach governor and he take action about it. 

I don't know the reasons why people choose only one gate man checking people while that there is a women how do you want him to do with? 

Best on your opinion what are you going to say about this case? 

Don't forget to like and share also comment and follow for more update and information. 

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