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RIOTING : A Strength Or A Weakness?

COVID-19, and before Covid everything else, has raised a question that is now percolating, and even reverberating. And then came a white knee crushing a Black neck. A dream so long deferred suddenly exploded in city after city. What’s next? From the social distancing, what? From the fumes and flames, what? From the bodies in morgues and the ashes littering streets in hundreds of cities, what? Are we going back or are we going forward? Keeping our distance and feeling incredible anger are both understandable, both warranted. The former uniquely now. The latter since before whenever. But how does either become sustainably constructive?

Protests should not necessarily degenerate into violence, destruction of property and loss of lives. When protests become riots it becomes impossible for the message to be heard and change to be effected. Peaceful protest is a strength and rioting is a weakness.

I strongly urge Nigerians to desist from riots and revenge killings or acts. During the lockdown thre where so many cases of police brutality and the revenge killings of police or army officers by youths or the community. This is not the way forward. Peaceful protest brings about change unlike rioting which only brings unnecessary hardships and repercussions.

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