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House of Reps: Akpabio submitted newspaper publication instead of real documents

House of Representatives says Akpabio submitted newspaper publications, instead of real documents to the House committee members investigating the NDDC activities. And now, they have given Akpabio a deadline to submit the names of the lawmakers he claimed were awarded contracts by the Niger Delta development commission (NDDC).

The House of representatives desperately await names of the lawmakers who Akpabio said got 60% of NDDC contracts.

Niger delta minister; Goodwill Akpabio had earlier said the lawmakers are the main beneficiaries of the contracts, base on this, the house of representatives has ordered the minister to publish the names of those who he claimed were awarded the contracts to.

In my opinion, I don't really think Goodwill Akpabio will publish the names, It's his choice. If he publishes the names, he will go down with them, if he does not, he goes down alone. I see the Law Makers wanting to sue him to clear the names of the innocent ones among them. So it's totally his choice to make.

But for him to submit to the house of representatives, a filed document containing news paper publications is an insult to the house, Niger delta and Nigeria at large.

It is something unacceptable at all, if he doesn't have anything to present as an evidence, why is he playing more games on already played dirty game.

Akpabio will not publish any name, the matter will be taken to court and that is were it will be till Nigerians as normal forget about the issue.

The Speaker knows the truth, he made those orders on the basis that it has gone viral and Nigerians are expecting the house respond to it, he has no other option that to take that decision.

But of a truth, they weren't expecting Akpabio to blow the cover just like that. But Akpabio is only trying to send an alert that if he goes down, they all go down.

If he definitely publishes the names to distract the probe. By the time he publish those name, the Lawmakers will then be fighting to clear their names, not to probe Akabio again.

I pray we get to the root of all these, because this is Nigeria and anything can happen anytime.

Content created and supplied by: JaneEmy (via Opera News )

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