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Key Points of The National Tobacco Control Bill 2009

The Federal Government, through the Ministry of Health launched a campaign to ban smoking in public places including motor parks, shopping malls and health care centers in 2017.

In a communiqué, the ministry said according to Section 9 of the Nigeria Tobacco Control Act 2015, once convicted, offenders are liable to a fine of at least N50,000 and/or six months’ imprisonment. Tagged the Clean Air Campaign, the ministry said the law would henceforth be taken seriously in a bid to protect and promote the citizens’ right to health, life, physical integrity and safety.

Years down the line, nothing had changed with regards to the application of the act as people still smoke on the street.

In the light of this, we highlight the key points in the National Tobacco Control Bill 2009

Every tobacco product manufactured in Nigeria for export must bear "Manufactured in Nigeria for Export”.

Every packet of cigarette must bear:

1. Name and license number of the manufacturer/wholesaler/importer/exporter;

2. Serial number, date, location and country of manufacture;

3. Clearly visible “tax” stamp or marking.

It prohibits the sale of cigarette to persons under 18.

It prohibits the sale of tobacco products through vending machines.

Prohibits the sale of cigarette in single sticks.

Every cigarette pack must contain minimum of 20 sticks.

No mail delivery of cigarette to consumers.

It prohibits all forms of tobacco advertisement, sponsorships and promotions, endorsements or testimonials, sales promotions.

Prohibits smoking in public places including restaurants and bars, public transportation, schools etc.

It is important to state that Smoking in Nigeria is currently punishable by a fine of not less than N200 and not exceeding N1000 or to imprisonment to a term of not less than one month and not exceeding two years or to both a fine and imprisonment.

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