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One Common Mistake Obasanjo, Goodluck And Buhari Have Made That The Next President Should Avoid

By 2023, Nigeria will have a new President to take over from President Buhari. There is one common mistake, Obasanjo, Goodluck, and Buhari have made that the next President should avoid.

The mistake is the issue of 'Continuity'. The nation is not making much progress in infrastructural development because governments fail to build on the works of their predecessors.

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Each time there is a new President, ongoing projects of the previous President begin to spoil because the new government wants to have its own project. No government has the interest in continuing from where the other left off.

The lack of continuity in government has negatively impacted several sectors in the country. Most companies that started running effectively have collapsed and gone into extinction because of inconsistency in governance.

Photo of Yar'Adua

When Obasanjo took over from General Abdulsalami Alhaji Abubakar in May 1999, he left many of the projects of Abubakar because he came in with his own policies and projects.

When Umaru Musa Yar'Adua took over from Obasanjo, he came with so many interesting agendas and projects, forgetting that there were lots of Obasanjo projects that needed continuation. The same thing happened when Goodluck took over and the same is still happening in Buhari's administration.

Photo of Goodluck Jonathan

It is not a crime for a successive government that succeeds an outgoing one to start a fresh project. But it is not right to totally abandon an existing and almost completed project initiated by an out-gone government, especially the ones that could bring infrastructural development to the country.

Photo of Buhari

The recurring question on the lips of citizens who are also taxpayers is; what happens to the lofty and half-done projects instituted by the outgone government for the people? For me, I see this not only as a waste of resources and taxpayers’ monies but a counter-productive way of governing and building lasting infrastructure for the nation.

Moving ahead to the 2023 elections, attention must be focused on the need for Nigerian leaders to refrain from initiating policies based on self-aggrandizement or political paranoia. The next President of Nigeria must avoid this same mistake if we want Nigeria to be better.

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