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Opinion: 3 states that are likely to determine Bola Ahmed Tinubu's ambition.

The interest of Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu in the 2023 Presidential election is something that has been on the air for the past years now. When it comes to Nigeria Politics, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu is ripe enough to be President. He was elected as a senator in the 1993 election which was annulled by the then military head of state.

Asiwaju won the election as the Governor of Lagos state in 1999 and was given the mandate again in 2003. He served as the Governor till 2007 and single-handled picked his successor something he has been doing since then till date in Lagos politics.

Although Bola Ahmed Tinubu personally hasn’t contested any election since the 2023 election, he has been involved in almost every election in the south-west and beyond. He was also a key figure in the 2015 General Election that produced Muhammadu Buhari as the President of the country.

For Bola Ahmed Tinubu to win the election, his region must align with him and ready to adopt him, but with three states elections to come in the south-west before the 2023 election, Bola Ahmed Tinubu caucus has a lot more to do in other not to lose the region to People Democratic Party before the 2023 election

Here is how things look like in those three states for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu caucus:

1. Ondo state: The first election will come up in Ondo state. The last election saw the candidate of Tinubu sidelined for Rotimi Akeredolu. Still, with the present news that the anointed candidate of Bola Ahmed Tinubu has been screened out of the race, Jagaban influence in Ondo state ahead of 2023 might reduce.

The question is even beyond his anointed candidate, will his political party yet emerge in the coming election in Ondo state? The odd is looking like impossible for them with recent decamps from the ruling APC to opposition People Democratic Party, PDP ahead of the October 2020 election.

2. Ekiti state: The state election will also come before 2023, and with Kayode Fayemi set to complete his eight years in office, that means he is not eligible to contest, and a fresh candidate is expected from the APC.

The crisis between Fayemi and Tinubu means there will also be a fight on which caucus will produce the next candidate? But irrespective of which caucus provides the next candidate, will APC win in Ekiti state should be the primary question, and yes with the way things are they have a bright future to emerge in Ekiti provided that nothing changes from now till the election period. Tinubu will need to settle things with Fayemi then Ekiti can go in his way in 2023.

3. Osun State: The last election in Osun state was dramatic. It was full of suspense from the pre-election to election proper and post-election too. The election will be the last before the 2023 election, and all eyes will be on who will carry the day in that crucial election.

With no big crisis in the ruling APC in Osun state, Tinubu anointed candidate, and the present Governor of Osun state Oyetola is expected to get the ticket to return as the Governor of the state but will he emerge again as the Governor? The answer to it is uncertain because the last election result was full of so many alleged atrocities. Osun state will be a 50/50 game, but if APC should win again in Osun, Bola Tinubu should have no problem getting the support of people from Osun state.

The caucus of Bola Ahmed Tinubu should remain strong ahead of 2023 election his political party needs to be in control of the south-west region if Tinubu will stand a chance of emerging the President of the country. Presently out of 6 Governors in the region, PDP has just 1, and APC has the remaining 5, but with 3 elections to go before 2023, APC might be left with just 2 Governors. They might also be lucky and retain the five, depending on how the event goes in those states.

Tinubu cannot afford to give PDP the majority of governors in south-west ahead of 2023 election if he is seriously interested in contesting for President.

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