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Do you think China will be the world's leading superpower after COVID-19?

Covid-19 won’t be the trigger for China's dominance but China will have the largest economy in the world after Covid-19 is gone and will probably be the most influential as well, and lead in a number of technologies vital to our future. The most radical and progressive move that China has made recently is to start shifting all the low-profit, low-pay, low-tech, high-volume, low to medium quality manufacturing out of China to places like India, Vietnam, Pakistan, and SE Asian nations. Many of these companies are Chinese and will remain Chinese but outside China. The Western press painted these moves as ‘foreign corporations ‘fleeing China’ - that is untrue.

China, a few months ago, activated Made in China 2025. Here’s a short 9-pager that highlights their plans for China's future. This is the plan that Trump, once he had been told what China's objectives were for their future told Xi to shut it does and never talk about it again. Xi wasn’t listening. The reason trump told him to leave it was because it threatens American dominance in a number of super high tech that will define how the world works. If you’re not interested in reading the 9-pager here are a few images of the fields they want to progress in and what they hope to accomplish.

The red parts of the bar are how far they plan to move forward.

Countries in the lower left-hand corner will suffer less while those closer to the top right will suffer more. (e.g. South Korea is expected to be the hardest hit).

The columns 2015 and 2025 show how far forward they expect to move. Given China's dramatic progress over the last 30 years, I expect that they will achieve what they want to achieve. Some simple projections based upon GDP growth rates for the USA and China, it can be assumed that China will surpass the US economy within 10 - 20 years. The 20 year forecast suggest that China's economy with be more than twice the size of Americas.

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