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Why does the Chinese development bother some countries so much?

China’s development will make her a superpower. China is an authoritarian country and that alone is a great nightmare to the free world. The free world want to maintain their freedom and be happy and they can not even imagine being under heavy surveillance where your information can be used against you. If China become so dominant today, there is no guarantee that it would not seek to interfere in other countries’ political systems. China is already interfering in internal issues of many countries right now. What more if it become dominant like the US who started countless wars? China is buying out freedom. Very soon it will be buying politicians who will bow to the CCP. Development of China had showed the European countries a door of exit from being world powers to dying powers. The world has changed so fast already with the world’s richest countries are now in Asia as opposed to Europe. Some European countries still have a hangover of being superpowers and cannot be comfortable with the emergence of China as the new centre of power.

What do we learn from the US? Being a superpower you can get to do whatever you want in this world. Get away with crimes and if anyone questions you, you will sanction them. If anyone wants to threaten your foreign policy you will have to punish the country. China is already doing that and what more if it becomes number 1 super power? That is what China wants exactly to do whatever she wishes and that is the greatest threat to the free world and those countries will not sit back to see China develop into an uncontrollable dragon.

Also, the lack of openness itself may create suspicion and apprehension. In my view, many actions of China are normal and what can be expected from an emerging economy. However the lack of discussions and information internally and internationally creates a lot apprehension. In my view, certain openness and transparency would benefit China, if it really aspires to be a global power.

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