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This Is The Most Difficult Job to Do in Government

This Is The Most Difficult Job to Do in Government 

The hardest jobs in the government are the jobs related with the President’s office (or in some cases, PM’s office ). A President is usually surrounded by the assistants, bodyguards, protocol people etc. These are the people, I think have the hardest jobs in the Government. Being close to president has certainly a lot that goes with it. 

You would probably be on the news everyday. You would be the person standing nearest to the President. Your friends would call you and say that they saw you on the news. You would then ask: “Did you see me on the 6 pm news or 7pm news?”.

You would be able to see and meet the most important and influential people in the world. How about meeting President of the US up close? How about shaking hands with Putin? Not to mention, visiting and seeing all the exotic locations that you would probably never visit.

Everybody would be extra nice to you. Even Ministers would shake hands and know your name. 

But this comes also with the down side of it. 

The disadvantages of being close to the president cannot be far-fetched.

You would get to see the president up close. A lot of them have huge and fragile egos. Imagine your boss is kindergarten kid.

Every mistake would be scrutinized up close and probably recorded on camera. Everybody would see you screw up on the evening news. If you are a bodyguard, in the unlikely event of assassination, your name would probably be remembered and taught in the school textbooks. Also in this age, your screw up will live forever on youtube.

Working long hours. Presidents work extra hours. It is not a 9–6pm job. As long as the President is working you will not be able to go home. If you are lucky, there might be several shifts of assistants working non-stop. Otherwise forget your family, loved ones or friends.

Once the president is out, you become a nobody again. People would forget your name the next day. Usually new presidents do not work with the predecessor’s assistants, bodyguards, and protocol people, so most probably you would be reassigned.

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