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The Pressures That Likely 'Forced' Magu’s ‘Captors’ To Release Him Early (Opinion)

Nigeria is one of the most interesting countries in the world. Sometimes, the more you look, the less you see. Well, new reports suggest that most of what we believe to be true about allegations against suspended EFCC Acting Chairman, Ibrahim Magu, could eventually prove to be false... a mirage, a propaganda.

One major ‘fake news’ about Magu’s prolonged detention could be reports that he had been appearing before the Presidential Probe Panel for most parts of the past 10 days. We were made to believe that Magu was grilled consistently for many days, from morning till late evening, on most days. Those reports had also suggested that Magu couldn't offer satisfactory explanations to many of the allegations raised against him. How wrong that could eventually prove to be.

Well, according to a newly compiled report by Vanguard Newspapers, Ibrahim Magu had not appeared before the Panel since Thursday last week... yes, from Thursday last week to Tuesday this week. This much was disclosed by Mr Wahab Shittu, one of Magu’s lawyers. He went further to insist that Magu was made to wait from 9.00a.m till 9.00p.m on many of those days. You might recall that many reports had it that Magu was grilled from morning till night for almost 10 days, and that he would remain in detention until he was able to provide satisfactory answers to allegations.

The suspended Chairman‘s lawyer said he was with Magu when he was supposed to appear before the Presidential Probe Panel last week Tuesday. He continued: "Our client and his counsel were kept at the waiting room of the venue of the sittings unattended to from 9am to 9pm when our client was (then) taken back into custody. This followed the same pattern on Thursday and Friday last week when our client waited for 12 hours without being called upon by the panel to partake in the proceedings."

This therefore raises more questions, who were those reporting the supposed proceedings about Magu being unable to account for many missing monies? Was there a deliberate ploy, or propaganda to disgrace Magu? How could Magu have been made to account for missing monies if, according to his lawyer, he wasn't officially notified about what he was being charged with? The lawyer continued by warning against the negative implications of false reports about Magu being circulated on social media platforms.

"Our client observes that rather being afforded copies of the allegations against him, some of these allegations are flying round on social media... with prejudicial consequences. Our client requests that these allegations be formally served on him to respond immediately." (Hmm).

Yet another pertinent but rather confusing issue about the supposed ‘Magugate’ pertains to who specifically ordered his detention. Before now, it was generally believed that the Presidential Probe Panel were the ones who had ordered his detention. However, this was later found out to be false.

According to Magu’s lawyers: "Our client observes that the Panel has issued official statement to the effect that it did not authorize the detention of our client... We request the Panel to recommend to the IG of Police, in whose custody our client is, to release him from custody...". Magu‘s lawyers thereafter wrote to the IGP.

But the IG wrote back stating clearly that the Police wasn't responsible for detaining him. The IGP in his response letter said: "The Inspector-General of Police directs that your attention be drawn to the fact that the Nigeria Police Force is not investigating C.P. Ibrahim Magu... and he is accordingly, not being detained by the Police..."

Therefore, if Magu wasn't detained by either the Presidential Probe Panel (if they did, they wouldn't have refused to interrogate him for six whole days!) or the Nigeria Police Force, then, who are those responsible for ‘keeping him’ for 10 days?

Is it possible that those same people got rather uncomfortable after Magu’s lawyers turned on the heat against his ‘illegal’ detention? The fact that Magu’s release coincided with increased protestations from his lawyers likely hints that Magu’s ‘captors’ were careful not to incur the wrath of Mr President. Trust that, if President Buhari was actually determined to detain Ibrahim Magu, no amount of pressure from his lawyers could have helped him out... at least, not that fast.

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