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Senator Magnus Abe makes revelations on APC crisis, blasts party leadership

Senator Magnus Abe, the former representative of Rivers South-East Senatorial District, has reiterated the need for a cohesive and, an all-embracing All Progressives Congress (APC) in the state.

In a statement by his spokesman on Friday, said Abe, at an event he hosted in Port Harcourt to mark the yuletide, barred his mind on the current events in the APC.

Abe condemned the attitude of the leadership of the party towards routine political issues, and the penchant for disobedience to court orders which has brought the party to its predicament.

The former Rivers State Secretary to the Government noted that had the leadership adhered to wise counsel, its fortunes would not have so dwindled.

The former senator recounted that problems of Rivers APC are self-inflicted and stated that the party logo would not have been removed from the ballot paper, if the leadership of the party had not interfered in the agreement of the stakeholders of the party on their congresses in the state.

Abe narrated that Ibrahim Umar and 22 others approached the court when they were not only unjustly denied their rights, but were abused, disrespected and their voices silenced.

While stating that the recent action by Igo Aguma and others were not different from what Ibrahim Umar and others have been clamouring for.

He said: “Every sensible member of the APC wants a party that is united and focused with a responsible and accountable leadership that can deliver on the expectations of our people.

“The decision to unilaterally exclude party members from party activities and enforce personal loyalty to an individual is at the foundation of the current travails of the party.

“To continue on that path of self-destruction when it is clear that the party in its present form even with the state structure that NWC desperately seeks to impose at the expense of party unity will have little impact.

“The substance in Igo Aguma’s statement is what we have been saying that we cannot go on like that because it is a highway to nowhere.

“I join all right-thinking members of our party to commend Igo Aguma, no matter what people may say today, his action has rescued our party from the brink of disaster”.

The former lawmaker further said: “We want a party that will bring Rivers people together, bring peace, progress, unity, and love in the state.

“We cannot achieve that by behaving in a manner that destroys the very fabric of what we want, which is a peaceful, united and cohesive state that will be controlled by a party that is itself peaceful, cohesive and united.

“You cannot give what you don’t have and cannot pretend that we are coming to give Rivers people what we don’t have”.

He thanked his friends and political associates still believing in him even after he has left office.

“I will like to say a big thank you to all my friends, family members, political associates who have sacrificed so much in the cause of our struggle for justice, in the cause of our struggle for truth, in the cause of our struggle that the right thing should be done.

“You have sacrificed so much. We are friends. It doesn’t matter how the politics turn out, I want us to remain as friends.

“I stand here again to assure you all that the Almighty God that we serve, has never been silent in the face of injustice. He may tarry but will always be on time”, Abe said.

"Season Greetings"

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