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Is China damaging its business by ruthless expansion policy?

Yes sure, China is certainly ruining it's businesses by aggressive expansionist policies. Leaders before Xi Jinping were much prudent who refrained from pursuing extreme means frequently and opted for making businesses. Now, China is tasting the fruits of their hardwork. But, if Jinping does not amend his policies of expansion and infection by the China virus to the world, China will definitely have to bear the brunt of the furies of the world powers by economic boycott.

Actually, China is very arrogant of its largest manufacturing hub of the world and of being the third most lethal military power of the world. Hence, now it has started to show its true colours to the world. But it doesn't know that it's exports driven economy will be razed to the ground if all the nations unanimously decides to boycott the Chinese businesses and take out their manufacturing plants from China to other parts of the world.

May God give conscience to China!!

By that and by its genocidal colonizing and enslaving, its concentration/ death/ “reeducation” camps, its maniacal mass murders (including those of hundreds of millions of force-aborted babies, a half billion bodies, and counting) its counterfeiting, reverse engineering, theft of intellectual property, currency manipulations, corruption of pretty much the whole damned world and Tienanmen Square’s ten thousand students and Hong Kong’s enslaved, and so on. “Damaging,” though? No. Destroyed. Xi? Bye!

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