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How COVID-19 Ended Political Distraction And Gave Nigerian Government This Essential Insight

The Coronavirus outbreak has caused so many crisis all over the world, including Nigeria as a country. The Federal Ministry of Health has confirmed a coronavirus disease (COVID-19) case in Lagos State, Nigeria. The case, which was confirmed on the 27th of February 2020, is the first case to be reported in Nigeria since the beginning of the outbreak in China in January 2020. 

Ever since then, there has been new cases everyday, with substantial number of recovery and death rate. In order to curtail this, the country has been embarking on series of Lockdown. It's almost five months now that things have gone different ways ever since the breakout in early March.

Despite this, many events has happened and how Coronavirus has played out in Nigerian Governance. Every Political stakeholder is now focused on Governance and how to scale through this hard time. Both the ruling party and the opposition party has joined hands to combat the pandemic in the country.

Long before the pandemic, major political stakeholders in Nigeria were too busy to engage themselves in National Governance. This is as a result of the 2023 presidential race. Many were distracted by 2023 strategies. There have been underground political combination and permutations by different political bodies and party members before the breakdown of Coronavirus. Even the ruling party was not settled as there were internal conflict and power tussle to campaign against 2023.

We heard big names like; Bola Tinubu, Adams Oshiomhole, Nasir El- Rufai, Kayode Fayemi, Yemi Osinbajo, Peter Obi, Atiku Abubakar, and the likes who were already showcasing interest in 2023 despite that the last election is barely a year old. I was even surprised when I saw a campaign poster of Oshiomhole and El-Rufai.

This is not so ethical of the political sector in Nigeria, every stakeholders in Nigerian Politics should be focused on how this present government will deliver to the people's expectations. Campaigning for 2023 while the last election is barely a year old does not speak well of Nigerian Politics. This distraction will not

However, the prevailing COVID-19 pandemic in the world may have lessen the campaign and endorsement of stakeholders in politics by different groups, associations and vanguards towards 2023. It has forcefully stopped the unnecessary preparation for 2023 as many are now focused on scaling through this trying time first.

COVID-19 is destructive in all ways and saddening, but on the Governance of Nigeria, it has given more insight. It was during the pandemic that the Government gained more insight on important sector.

One of such sector is the health sector. The pandemic has shown the Government that they still have a long way to go and much work to do in the health sector. Our testing facilities and medical care was initially very low and poor, but there has been improvement as many states now have increased medical facilities and personnels.

The Government has seen need to invest in the health sector. Many modern facilities and equipment that needs to be in place.

Another sector to which the lockdown has given more insight is the educational sector. Nigerian students have been home for months while their fate remains undecided. Other sectors are been reviewed and they are beginning to reopen, but nothing is coming on schools except for guidelines that ought to have been in place.

In a normal society, Government should be more concerned on Schools because of the young Generation there. Hygiene practices and safety facilities that the government should have put in schools before pandemic to guarantee students health are missing. Government should not wait for disease outbreaks to do the necessary.

Now, they have seen insight to this while they set guidelines for the resumption of schools.

I hope Nigerian Government will work on the insight received during this period to invest in major sectors. I also hope the Political stakeholders in the nation will set aside 2023 ambition and focus on supporting President Buhari's current administration. Good Governance is all we want.

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