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We Celebrate Tompolo, Yet We Complain that Nigeria is Bad

To live up to 50 years on earth these days is a landmark achievement given what life expectancy is these days. 

High Chief Oweizide Government Ekpemupolo, Alias Tompolo celebrated his fiftieth birthday today. It is only appropriate that I join in wishing him well. 

Congratulations and happy 50th birthday to Tompolo. May he continue to live in good health! 

News has it that Warri was on standstill for him and large numbers of prominent Ijaw leaders and youths thronged major roads on a peace walk in his celebration. He is their son, they consider him deserving of the attention they gave him today. 

In another world and clime, where issues and antecedents matter, someone like Tompolo would be held in contempt. He will be considered a leech that must be avoided. But no, not in Nigeria

The same people that complain on a daily basis about the decay in the moral fabric of our national life, trekked through major roads in honour of someone whose life story is shrouded in criminality. You can call it a rightful struggle to suit yourself. 

What was the outcome of his struggle? Are the people now better off? Fact is he turned out a billionaire at the expense of the rest of us. 

Oil is still being spilled, gas is flared on as daily basis, no infrastructure, no good healthcare system, no jobs and no pipe borne water. But of course there are more street hustlers. 

As long as every tribe, every ethnic group in Nigeria continue to celebrate people of questionable characters, we will not progress positively. 

Most of you will not agree with me but to put it out is just one calling to fulfill.

Once more, happy birthday and many happy returns to Tompolo.

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