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Here are 3 things President Buhari's administration has done for Nigeria.

Unarguably, President Buhari's administration has proven to be one of the best. Leaving the accusations of people behind, President Muhammadu Buhari's team has invested so much to boost the economic standard of the country.

Let's see a few things that the administration has done for many Nigerians, including the one they did today.

It is not a rumour that bandits, terrorists, unknown gunmen and kidnappers have been tormenting the peace of the people in the Northern region and the southeast. So many innocent travellers and vulnerable people have been kidnapped, and heavy ransoms are demanded. To put an end to this, the federal government invested so much money into the security department. The purchase of Tucano aircraft from the Nigerian air force, sophisticated and heavy weapons for the military force and many others are on the record. President Buhari also requests for the help of the US army in fighting the terrorist that is causing problems at the Nigerian border.

Also, President Buhari's administration chose to invest more money in building more projects for Nigerians. In Nigeria today, our railway lines and stations can actually compete with that of other countries. This administration ventured into the construction of better roads, bridges, markets and others.

Lastly, the education sector is not left behind. Earlier today, in a news update, the minister of education, Adamu Adamu announced that a stipend of N75,000 has been approved by President Buhari for students in the public university. This simply means the students in public universities are entitled to a certain amount of money in a semester.

Throughout the history of Nigeria, no government has approved such an amount of money for students before.

Do you think any government can do more than this for its citizens? 

Content created and supplied by: Ade_write (via Opera News )

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