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US 2020 Polls: See what the Secret Service wants to do to JOE BIDEN if he is declared the winner

The United States of America elections have been one of the most followed on the surface of the Earth. The interest that the international community have, is usually attached to how they will be affected both directly and indirectly, by means of policy decisions, immigration rules, and other decisions that may affect the lives of those who depend on the United States.

With Donald Trump likely to lose the election, many of his supporters have come up with claims of rigging, but the counting has still gone on and Democratic candidate, Joe Biden is the projected winner of the polls, accumulating over 70 million votes in what looks like the highest any presidential aspirant has amassed in the history of American elections.

Just this morning, a correspondent of the MSNBC, and other reliable American news sources reported via Washington Post's update that the United States of America's secret service is sending reinforcements to Wilmington this morning, so as to increase protection of Joe Biden against the chances that he may be declared the winner of the election.

According to the report, Joe Biden is almost a guaranteed winner of the 2020 American polls, and he will likely deliver his Victory speech later in the day of Friday, November, 6 2020.

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