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Africa planned cities: 5 African countries that might replace UAE as the most luxurious Country.

Nations are developing everyday rapidly. Many fancy and beautiful infrastructures and building plans are invented, which might even make someone wonder where the beautiful plan and building style came from.

African Nations are not left out of the development project. Infact, they're the main continent issuing the project scheme.

Africa has almost all it takes to become the most beautiful, luxurious, influential and most developing continent but they lack management of resources and corruption in the highest rate is the main reason Africa keep failing.

Meanwhile, i will be sharing with you 10 African countries that might influence the world and might become either one of the most beautiful, luxurious or most developed Countries in the world if they can be able to execute their City development plan.

Below are 10 African countries with an impressive city development plan that might make Africa more beautiful than other continent:

(1) Egypt:

Egypt has plan to shift their capital city of administration (Cairo) to a new location. This brings about the plan for a new Capital City Infrastructure for the administration of Egypt

(2) Rwanda: 

Rwanda has a plan to build Africa's first greenest city by 2050. The vision plan is named as Paris smart city 2050. The building plan is incredible and awesomely beautiful.

(3) Senegal:

Popular Singer and rapper "Akon" plans to build an amazing City in Senegal, which is known as Crypto city. The city can also be called Akon city or Diammiadio city. This City plan is really awesome.

(4) Nigeria:

Nigeria has a plan to build two attractive and fantastic cities that are known to be Africa's first smart city in Lagos:

* Alore city in Lagos State

* Eko Atlentic in Lagos State

* Abuja City extension

(5) Kenya:

Kenya is not exceptional in the development planning. This country has always be known as an influential and a beautiful country.

To your opinion, which country's city plan is more attractive and beautiful to you?

If the city plan execution is carried out, Africa will be recognized as the most influential continent in the world.

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