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Opinion: If Yoruba Elders Are Able To Set Igboho Free, It Is Possible That He Will Stop Agitating

Yoruba leaders have been approached and not threatened, they are now working behind the scenes, to secure the release of Sunday Igboho whose court hearing will continue tomorrow by the Beninese court for allegedly traveling with a fake passport. Igboho has now denounced violence, he has disclaimed violent secession and has tendered apologies to the elders he threatened and those he wronged.

When Igboho is free, he will abide by the counsels of his elders, and won't claim supremacy over them or seek to be a Kim Jong Sunday. Although, his followers are also contrite and appreciative of the efforts being made to help him. The Lagos governor, Babajide Sanwo Olu has announced that Yorubas are working to help Igboho. Igboho might yet suffer some sanctions, but it's good to see that he has reconciled with his people and might reconcile with the country.

A negotiated release will come with responsibilities. Change of attitude, what is good for the goose is good for the gander, but is the gander ready to learn? When Sunday Igboho started as a secessionist and some Yoruba elders told him his methods were not in tandem with the Yoruba kind/way of agitation. Yoruba people are noted for carefully choosing their wars and the best methods to win such wars. They had fought and won so many battles of wits and intellect, without unnecessarily stoking a senseless war against the sovereignty of Nigeria or putting themselves in the arms way unlike Sunday Igboho is trying to do.

It will be a very good idea if he could truly have a rethink of his confrontational posture and embrace peace, this will be in his personal interest and the interest of his overzealous followers. No government anywhere in the world will ever allow an ill-informed nitwit to cause confusion in the polity of the nation.

It's good to know that Yoruba elders and leaders are now working to help Sunday Igboho. But I fear the efforts might come to nought. Too many inter-related strategic calculations are at play, and it is feared in official circles that Sunday Igboho will play a pivotal role at some point in the future. For that reason, the authorities are determined to keep him out of circulation, either in a Beninoise gulag, or in a Nigerian prison.

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