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Why People Always Feel Embittered & Disappointed About Outcome Of Elections In Nigeria

For the past few days, a lot of people have been permutating towards the 2023 presidential election. Any political analyst can conclude why people always feel so embittered and disappointed about the outcome of elections in Nigeria, especially presidential elections and later spend the next 4 to 8 years sad, and unhappy.

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First, a lot of people do not understand how politics works in Nigeria. A lot are so naive about Nigerian politics but because they write in beautiful prose, you will think they know. A lot of invested emotions into very obvious candidates can never get even their party nomination, talkless of contesting in the real election. They, therefore, see every other candidate as not good to merit their support.

Furthermore, a lot are looking for an "ideal" candidate. CVs don't win elections. How can you support someone without any electoral value or political base, and think that person would win a Presidential election. That can only happen if there is an elite and street consensus, and these are 2 parallel lines that cannot meet in Nigeria.

Political culture differs from nation to nation. There are some basic fundamental understanding you must have to be able to know that some ideas cannot work in Nigeria when it comes to the election of a president in a nation like Nigeria.

Since nobody has any say on who will be presented by the two major political parties(APC & PDP). Therefore, if you don't study the trend within the political parties and those who control the lever of power within it, you would not understand. You only vote for who political parties present. If you are not a registered member of a political party, don't bother yourself too much, rather pray.

What is left for the people for now is to temper their expectations and stop dissipating energy and emotions. It's too early in the day. Also, we need to pay more attention to states by electing a good governor in the states.

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