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Though it may not be permissible to give money to the poor, but it is expedient to do so- Opinion.

Our society is comprised of the rich, the middle class and the poor. Among these set of people, the most understood difference is the amount of money they have.

According to Andrew Carnegie, in his book titled "The gospel of wealth", he stated that the man who dies leaving behind many wealth which he was supposed to give out during life will pass away inwept, unrecognized and unsung. Such a man dies disgraced".

From this analogy, it can be seen that people are supposed to be philanthropic.

The English Dictionary defined philanthropy as the "love for mankind". But in our society today, the reverse is the case. The desperation to amass wealth has become the order of the day. These desire to acquire wealth has led to the countries resources been held and managed by few individuals in the society, leaving the poor masses to wallow in penury.

Though it may not necessarily be easy to help everyone, but little act of kindness could go a long way in alleviating the suffering of people.

These are few reasons why the rich should help the poor:

1. It's a noble thing to do: Having attained an enviable position in the society, demands that you now have a responsibility to some extent. You realize that your failure to help the needy will inflict much damage to you.

2. You enrich your self the more: There are few personal comfort money can offer to you. And you must agree with me that nothing last forever. Therefore, by improving other peoples lives you create an avenue to attract more riches.

But on the contrary, the rich believe that if they constant giving of money to the poor is not really the best approach to save people from poor. Truth be told, if one keep giving money to the poor, from time to time, the poor will become reluctant, lazy and unable to think for themselves. If for instance, the charity practices of the rich comes to an end, the poor will now doubt still remain poor,

While the rich keep growing in riches. The question therefore is ;what should the poor do in order to be rich?

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