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Met the only woman in world history to become first lady of two different countries

Met Graca Machel, the only woman in the world’s history to become first lady of 2 different countries...

Graça Machel (born 17 October 1945) is a Mozambican politician and humanitarian. She is the widow of both former presidents of

Mozambique and South Africa ; Mozambican president Samora Machel and South African president Nelson Mandela. Machel is an international advocate for women's and children's rights and was made an honorary British Dame by Queen Elizabeth II in 1997 for her humanitarian work. She is the only woman in modern history to have served as First Lady of two different countries.

Graça Machel also sits on the board of a number of international organisations including The Elders, The African Leadership Forum and the International Crisis Group. Her humanitarian contributions have been recognised by a number of awards, including the Laureate of Africa Prize for Leadership for the Sustainable End of Hunger from the Hunger Project, the Nansen Medal for her service to the cause of child refugees, the Africare Distinguished Humanitarian Service Award and the Council of Europe's North-South Prize.

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