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EXPLANATION:What Joe Biden election triumph means to Nigeria and Africa

The United States of America (USA) bye-election of democratic candidate Joe Biden and Replubic candidate Donald Trump has different meaning to the growth, economy and security of Nigeria 

The United States of America (USA) is faced with a difficult decision to choose their next president and many nations are at alert to know who it would be because of their superior power to influence foreign policy.

Under Trump, Nigeria-America relations has been strained. In 2019, the President added Nigeria to a special watchlist and a Muslim ban list, restricting travel and immigration from Nigeria the most populated black nation.

Trump position has also openly dislike Nigeria's candidates for top global awards and jobs. Akinwunmi Adesinaof the Africa Development Bank was placed under investigation after several sources claimed that he was involved in corruption practices.America backed his scrutiny despite the fact that he has been cleared by the independent panel. The latest condemnation of the black race is the disapproval of Okonji Iweala from having a top job at the World Trade Organization.

 Despite receiving the back up of the European Union and many member states, the USA decided to support South Korea Trade Minister,.Yoo Myung-hee, saying Okonji Iweala has no hands of proven results.

America was once Nigeria's top oil buyer, but with oil prices not been favourable world wide and the coronavirus pandemic affecting a nation as Nigeria ,America has reduced it's import from Nigeria. 

In August 2020, USA announced it's success of a reduced imports of crude oil from a nation as Nigeria whose data differences where 9.37million barrel in the first five months of 2020 compared to the 11.67million barrel consumed within the same period in the previous year(2019).

The highest monthly volume consumed by a North American country this year is 2.12 million barrels compared to 11.78 million barrels in 2019

It's purchase plunged by 63.03 percent in the first quarter of 2020 to 5.53 million barrels compared to the last quarter of 2019 when they bought 15.07 million barrels from Nigeria. Everyone awaits to see if all these barriers imposed on other countries by the USA government is about to change or not under the leadership of Joe Biden as he plans to restore his country's Paris climate by using renewable resources which will reduce global emission of carbon. 

A visit to Joe Biden website indicates he is about to change Donald Trump point of view

 on a lot of issues using foreign policy.

Biden assured Americans that he will renew the mutual relationships they once had with Africans which reaffirms their commitment to supporting democratic institutions on the continent, advancing lasting peace and security, which promote economic growth, sustainable development, trade and investment.

Joe Biden plans to achieve all these by "Declaring America's commitment to shared prosperity, peace and security with a good democracy and governance for the foundational principles for US-Africa engagement 

Content created and supplied by: DANIELODOGWU (via Opera News )

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