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I will Open All Borders In South West Tomorrow And Any Oba That Doesn't Support Me will Die - Igboho

The Yoruba Activist Sunday Adeyemo popularly called Sunday Igboho, in a viral video has said all ports in the South West are being headed by the Fulanis, and he will open all borders in the South West tomorrow, so that rice, cars and other goods can enter, he said South West is no longer in Nigeria and all Yoruba leaving in the North should return back and any Oba that doesn't support him will die. See the video here.

The video has since gone viral this morning and caught the eyes of many Nigerians who said he has over stepped his boundaries to say he will open all borders in the South West when he is not the government of the South West states. See their reactions below.

Recall that the Activist has recently chased away Fulani Herdmen from Ibarapa kingdom in Oyo State and has since then become popular for his activism toward the actualization of Oduduwa Republic. Just like Nnamdi Kanu in the east who is also clamoring for the actualization of Biafra Republic.

It is pertinent that we know as Nigerians that we are better together as one indivisible entity than being divided along ethnic and religious backgrounds. Each region has its own peculiarities that other regions will wants. For example, the Hausa have agriculture, foods that are consumed by other regions in the country, the Yoruba are very educated and are those spreading academic excellence around the country, it will be difficult to see a Higher Institution in Nigeria that is not pioneered by a Yoruba and the Igbo are very industrious, that their products are seen in all sectors.

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