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POLITICS: A Game The Southeast Can't Seem To Play Well.

Consequent upon an article I wrote, with the title" Gov. Ortom should leave the southeast out of his troubles with the FG", I have received all manner of diatribes, aimed at silencing me. The aggrieved readers felt the write-up is characteristic of a Fulani stooge, a fool or a paid writer, but are they in the right?

Gov. Ortom of Benue state (

Let's look at the issue addressed.

Gov.Samuel Ortom of Benue state has to the masses become a voice, he challenges the president and the APC, makes many allegations, of which he has yet to provide evidence to support his claims. This is politics, it is a game, not for emotional.


He has however extended his voice for the voiceless activity to the southeast, asking that they be treated right, giving infrastructure and all the goody-goody stuff. The emotional ones quickly jumped to sing his praise.

Thing is, he is not a southeast governor at all. The southeast has governors, most of which sing the praises of the federal government. So, how does that compare to what Ortom is saying?. How can he cry more than the bereaved?. All he has been clamoring for in his state, how many has he achieved?.

Map of Nigeria showing southeast (

So many readers are arguing they are happy he is speaking out for the southeast, but what will that even achieve?. At best, Ortom is building political goodwill for future political endeavours, as it appears the Igbos get emotional and follow.

The article in question (operanews)

Politics is a game and the southeast keep failing at it. People seek their alliance and usually end up dumping them. Their own state governors see no need to speak up.

So, is the game of the southeast having their battles fought by strangers?.

He can speak up all he wants, but the silence of your elected representatives belies whatever message he is trying to send. It is high time the southeast held their elected officials to higher standards, not hoping on the likes of Gov. Ortom. The southeast needs to look inward, that is where the solution lies.

Stay safe, ECfranklin cares.

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