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Opinion: FG Might Silence The Upcoming Oodua Referendum, If They Notice Any Foul Play

The harvest of corruption has brought the country Nigeria into it's present state of distress.

Following the agitations against the federal government, there has been demand for them to allow different parts of the country that want to get detached from Nigeria do so.

Majorly the eastern and the western parts of the country have indicated interest that they want to leave the sovereignty of Nigeria.

In a special case, the western part, which is said to be Oodua republic has given notice to the government of Nigeria ahead of her plan to go on a referendum in three months time, on the 12th of June 2021.

Their interested is a dedicated one, but there are possible problems which they are going to encounter on their part to independency and sovereignty.

The government of Nigeria presently, has the absolute right to grant freedom to any organization to be an independent state of their own.

Before the Westerners go on, they should have a good sense of coordination. In the sense that, they will suffer little or no pain on the side of betrayal of trust. There are more greedy people living than nice people. Money can change a lot of situations.

A lot of people openly support because of the sake that others are doing same, while, right inside their minds they're very bitter to the core.

The leaders of the Oodua republic should continue with the brotherly love they have developed for themselves.

Let them also have in mind that, they can anytime be pursured around by the federal government of Nigeria. And they have the absolute power to silence every matter about them.

Most important thing to be considered is, the ability to remain in peace with the federal government of Nigeria. The secret of gaining access is to remain accessible.

The Oodua youths should be cautious about there activities because their quest for freedom is no going be a reality by force rather by humility.

Same goes to all seeking to be an independent state from Nigeria.

Content created and supplied by: DavidUmoz (via Opera News )

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