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Husband and wife relationship

I came back from work just to find out that my wife did this [Fiction]

My name is Joseph and I've been married for over two [2] years now and marriage has not been ok. My wife has been the problem of the marriage, She don't respect me at all. she always quarrel and fight me and it is not possible to fight back, if i do the problem will just get more serious, so most times I keep silent. Most of the time, what causes the quarrel is my wife demanding for unnecessary things that is not beneficial at that point of time.

One Monday morning I was about to go my place of work, my wife came asking for 150k just to plait her hair. Realising that I was getting late, I told her in a calm voice that we will talk about it when I come back from work. All a sudden she held my cloth commanding me to give her the money. I became angry then I pushed her to the floor, then grabbed my briefcase. As I was about to open the door, my wife said with a loud voice “ Don't worry I know what to do”. I opened the door, entered of of my car and zoomed off to work.

I came back from work very late. As I came out from my car, I notice that something was not right. I saw that one of my car is missing. So I went to my room and asked my wife about the car. She said she needed the money urgently and I could not attend to her, so she sold it.

After hearing what she said I was Frustrated, I didn't know what to do at that point. I don't know if this marriage can last long.

What should I do? I need an Advice.

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