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N-Power June Stipends: Two Likely Reasons for the Delay (Opinion)

N-Power June Stipends: Two Likely Reasons for the Delay (Opinion) 

It is not strange for the beneficiaries of the N-Power programme to experience delay in payment. Nearly every month, they get paid days or weeks after the pay is due. And the reasons for the delay vary. What caused delay the previous month may not be what caused it two or three months ago. 

Volunteers would asked, "why are we not paid for the month of June?" "It is already July 19th and yet no one has got his or her stipend." "What is wrong?" "Are we going to be paid at all?"

While it is unclear to the majority of the volunteers why they have not been paid, lthere are certain reasons why no one is yet to receive anything. However, these reasons may not be the ones behind the delay, but they are most likely. 

One of the possible reasons for the delay is the on-going batch C registration. The ministry may decide to ensure a hitch-free by focusing all its attention on the registration. This may therefore bring about delay on payments. It should be noted, however, that the ministry has not decided to ignore the payment until the registration is over. 

The search for the way out for existing beneficiaries as the government intends to disengage them might also cause payment delay. Even though according to the news, batch A volunteers have already been bidden a farewell from the programme, the truth about their exit package is still grey. It is probable therefore that the payment will commence after the final decision of the government on the exit package. 

Whatever might be the reason for the delay, it is hopeful that the payment will commence soon. Let the beneficiaries continue to pray for the quick payment of the stipends and a juicy exit package. 

Content created and supplied by: Muhammad-Nafi'u19 (via Opera News )


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