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How Azikiwe opposed Awolowo in putting secession permission into the Constitution in 1954.

When bigwig politicians were making suggestions about what should be in the Nigerian constitution in 1954, Chief Obafemi Awolowo stated that the constitution should allow any state or tribe that wanted to break up and leave Nigeria to do so.

Furthermore, Nnamdi Azikiwe, a strong supporter of One Nigeria, saw no rationale for Awolowo's suggestion and opposed it, arguing that the country should remain united till the end of time.

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The participants at the conference, on the other hand, seemed very interested in the topic that Awolowo brought up and how Nnamdi Azikiwe battled it, so they granted both of them one day to clarify their positions before determining whether or not to allow secession in the constitution.

Furthermore, on debating day, Awolowo clarifies his point with several reasons. He cites the Soviet Union and Western Australia as examples of countries that allowed people to secede peacefully.

However, following Awolowo's speech, Azikiwe gives numerous reasons why he opposes it. He claims that attempting to break away and question Nigeria's unity is a betrayal of one's country and should not be considered.

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Furthermore, it was reported that these topics sparked numerous debates before Oliver Littleton and Lord Chandos came to their aid, stating that permitting for secession in the constitution is not advisable.

Furthermore, this is one of the factors that led to war 967, when Ojukwu attempted to secede the Igbo people from Nigeria and the Gowon and other people opposed him because what he wanted to do violated our constitution and was treasonous.

What are the key takeaways?

The lesson learned is that our forefathers who fought for independence were willing to go to great lengths to ensure that Nigeria remained one, and we, the people of this generation, should follow in their footsteps and seek unity because there is power in our oneness

Another lesson learned is that demanding the Oodua Nation and Biafra is not permitted under our constitution. It is treasonous or may lead to a war that none of us wants.


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