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There's Snake And The North Is Pampering It With A Piece Of Meat While The South Is Evicting Them- Senator Shehu Sani

Senator Shehu Sani Blast the Northern and Southern Region of Nigeria over the way they are treating bandit. Though the issue of Insecurity in Nigeria has been a talk of the day. Many Nigerians are having sleepless nights because of crime in the country. However senator Shehu Sani tweeted on his twitter handle and according to him "There's snake in the house and the North is pampering it with piece of meat hoping it will go away. While the South is evicting it from the inner room to parlour hoping it will go away."

What he mean is that, the northern part of Nigeria is full of bandits and herdsmen that killed and kiddnapped inoncent citizens and the Northerners are not doing anything about it instead they are applauding them for commiting crime. While the Southerners are evicting them thinking that they have done their best not knowing that they are still around the corner. Fulani herdsmen and bandits are the major challenge Nigeria is facing and the government need to do something before it escalate to war.

Though some Nigerians reacted and they said," the only way is to kill the snake and eradicate it so that people will live in peace." The recent crisis between Fulani herdsmen and communities have opened Nigerians eyes and if the federal government fail to do something about it something else may happen.

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