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Pro-Tinubu Campaign & Floating Of Osinbajo Campaign: A Race Between Academician & Politician In APC

It is no longer news that a Pro-Tinubu Campaign was floated in Lagos on Friday by his supporters and another Osinbajo campaign group on Saturday. This race for the presidential ticket in the All Progressive Congress (APC) is now between an Academician and a seasoned politician. Some people might opine that Nigeria's President is not an academic Job, they can say people can be good and sound academia and be a terrible President of Nigeria. But they should know that to be President you will need to know useful Brains and capable hands across the length and breadth of the Country in running your government.

And in finding such fellows you "must" patronize politicians, technocrats and while doing so, you must ensure you are bringing in the capable ones among them not just anybody or popular ones among them. Tinubu knows how to do that, He used both politicians and technocrats when he was Governor of Lagos state and none didn't outrightly outperform the other in executing the role he gave them because he went for the most suited for the Job.

Tinubu knows People, not just Southerners, perhaps been a former Governor of Lagos gave him the privilege to meet great minds in our nation. He knows people, and that is what is necessary for our unity as a country. Tinubu knows folks across the Niger, and that makes his Administration stained the stigma of Nepotism. So in uniting the nation through meritorious political patronage, you can't fault Asiwaju, but Osinbajo is far behind on that.

Osinbajo would need "a lot of help" to be able to run this country and not been accused of nepotism or religiously bias eventually, He will want to follow merit, which eventually might look like assembling Academics, Osinbajo definition of merit will look like people with degrees upon degree, and it is not by degree, it more than that. Osinbajo significantly knows People who are mostly Academics like him. And a Federal Executive Council is not a University Senate, the mandate aren't the same.

But we should know that UK and American Democracy that we copy make use of their finest academically and the results are superb for them. We can never rule out candidates with a sound educational background in picking presidential candidates going into the 2023 election. Education defines the scope of your understanding of important issues like war, economics, conflict, law, etc!

Nigeria as a country is backward because those at the helm of affairs don’t have the required education needed. If Education can give gives you a good job across the globe education will be a serious area and ticket for Nigeria's presidential race.

Content created and supplied by: Mrliman (via Opera News )

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