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All You Need To Know About 'The Beast' The US President's Official Car

Very little is really thought about 'The Beast' since it falls under the Secret Service's grouped engine pool, yet a couple of details and privileged insights have spilled out in the course of the most recent couple of years. 

Planned from the beginning by the Secret Service, President Barack Obama's $1.5 million "Cadillac One," otherwise known as "The Beast," is a moving post impervious by projectiles and bombs. The president has 12 indistinguishable limos in turn and, when not being used, they're stopped in the cellar of the Secret Service's base camp and are under 24-hour reconnaissance. 

As indicated by the AutoWeek reports: 

It's classified "The Beast," however it may astound you to discover that President's monstrous Cadillac isn't generally a Cadillac. What's more, there's not one, but rather twelve, in the profoundly arranged engine pool. The vehicles travel with their own specialist, an equipped government specialist who conveys a huge arms stockpile of electronic demonstrative gadgets and apparatuses. 

We've progressed significantly since JFK's opentop Lincoln. Until as of late, the Secret Service paid the official limousines off the part, at that point altered them with super-mystery secondary selling items and frameworks. All that changed when George W. Bramble became president. The explanation? The stock official limos continued separating. All the additional items the organization added to every vehicle made abundance stress and weight past the genuine operational constraints of the first vehicles. Subsequently, the transmissions frequently fizzled, "and the brakes would last around two outings," said one veteran specialist. "The vehicles were simply excessively substantial, and they were a dread to drive, and much harder to stop." 

So the Secret Service chose to plan and afterward develop the vehicle from the beginning. "The vehicle may state Cadillac," clarified one specialist, "however next to no in that vehicle is Cadillac." Indeed, it is worked by a R&D arm of General Motors in Detroit. Yet, "even the Cadillac symbols on the hood and trunk are supersized. The vehicle is actually a truck that resembles a limo. What's more, it drives like one, as well." 

- The fuel tank is defensive layer plated and encased in extraordinary froth to shield it from break in the event of crash or little arms fire. Also, maybe of course, there's an installed Halon fire-concealment framework. 

- What's in the storage compartment? Additional weapons, a different oxygen supply under the president's seat and crisis clinical hardware, including containers of the president's blood classification in the event that the rescue vehicle (one generally goes in the motorcade) gets cut off. 

- The Beast is hefty: The covering plating (on five more up to date models) is so thick and the entryways so weighty that it's almost actually inconceivable for the president to open them from inside. 

- The inside is cut off from the rest of the world and fixed (if there should be an occurrence of synthetic assault). There's an encoded satellite telephone inside and an extraordinary intuitive video framework so the president can lead secure video conferencing with authorities in the Situation Room, government offices abroad or the Pentagon. 

- The vehicle highlights military-grade shield (steel, aluminum, titanium and clay), encompassed by removable fiberglass sheets on the entryways and bumpers. 

- The Beast has exceptional locking instruments, and correspondences and fire-concealment frameworks. It rides on unique Kevlar-strengthened Goodyear run-pads. 

- The Secret Service has been exploring different avenues regarding unique night-vision cameras and screens (the camera is mounted inside the grille) to be utilized in an Armageddon situation if, state, the windshield was some way or another undermined or perspectives were deterred. 

Any Secret Service specialist alloted to drive the president needs to take an exceptional weeklong cautious driving seminar on an uncommon track at the Secret Service institute in Beltsville, Md. They practice hesitant moves, fast cornering and accuracy driving. "It really handles very well, taking into account the amount it gauges," one specialist said. For extra preparing, the office utilizes Chargers, Camaro and Mustangs. 

What doesn't it have? Apologies, 007 fans, yet there are no rocket launchers, explosives or inherent weapons of any sort. No way out case or launch seat. Goodness, and here's a mythbuster: The Beast isn't diesel, however a fuel V8. "Shockingly," said one specialist, "it has very great 0-60 pickup." 

3.7: Average miles to the gallon 

12: Number of genuine Beasts in assistance 

$1.5 million: How much every Beast costs 

18: How long the Beast is, in feet 

8: Thickness, in inches, of the entryways' reinforcement plating 

5: Thickness, in inches, of the windows–impenetrable, obviously 

15,000: Best theory on how much the Beast gauges, in pounds (the specific number is arranged) 

Here are greater security subtleties in pictures:

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