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Our Beginning May Not Be So Bright; Neither Tinubu nor I hold a Ph.D. – Kashim Shettima

Kashim Shettima, the prospective vice president, has stated that Bola Tinubu's administration may not have a rosy beginning.

The former governor of Borno State remarked that the oil subsidy had become an albatross around their necks and that the system of multiple exchange rates was a drag on the national economy and created a dual economic system.

Shettima made this claim in his Friday address at the 2023 Presidential Inauguration Public Lecture at the Abuja National Mosque.

He noted that the prospective administration would not have the luxury of time due to the nation's enormous challenges.

Let me be completely sincere with you: the starting point might not be ideal. The subsidy for petroleum has become an albatross around our necks. The system of multiple exchange rates is detrimental to the economy and creates a dual economic system.

"The new administration will make certain decisions, but in due time, Nigerians will not only come to appreciate us but also to celebrate us.

"The Chinese have a saying: 'The worst curse a Chinese man can desire for you is to live in interesting times.' Undeniably, we live in fascinating times. But rest assured that, in due time, Nigerians will come to pay Bola Tinubu effusive tributes.

"Power is the most ephemeral of God's gifts to humanity; one's ancestry does not define it.

"We are here, and we are leaders, not due to our intelligence. Kashim Shettima and Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu neither possess a Ph.D. We are who we are, regardless of our physical abilities. We are not what we are due to our political acumen. There are more capable politicians.

"Power will be a humbling experience for us. This is a chance to serve God and humanity. Whether we accept it or not, we will spend a greater portion of our existence outside of power than in it.

"My boss is a leader with a pure heart who would do right by all Nigerians, regardless of their political affiliations, religious beliefs, tribal heritage, or sectional heritage.

"Our shared history of poverty, destitution, and insecurity unites us all. Now is the moment for us all to unite into a single force," he continued.

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