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When last did you hear "SAI BABA"? See controversial replies as man asks the question

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Did you still remember 'Sai Baba'? 'Sai Baba, Sai Buhari' is the slogan identified with the incumbent president, Muhammad Buhari. It rented the air during the presidential campaign of the All Progressive Congress, APC in 2014-2015. Every lip shouted it then with the word 'Change', the party rythm! 

Political slogans are not new not only in this country but in another climes as well. Every politician has its own slogan especially those ones seeking elective positions.The slogans are like means of identification or symbol of the politicians and the parties.

However, one thing is common with the political slogans. The slogan is a reminder of what the politician promised while seeking for votes from the masses. Therefore, 'Sai Baba, Said Buhari' should remind us of what he promised the country in 2015. 


Life is like a coin with 2 sides - head and tail. In terms of performance, some would say the man has incredibly done well in the last 5 years while some would say he has done nothing! While reacting, a man who asked Twitter users of when last did they hear "SAI BABA"? said hunger would not let them remember 'Sai Buhari' again!

Anyway, people' reactions to issues could have political undertones. However, in my own opinion, Nigerians are always hungry even in the middle of abundant 1960-1979 they were still crying. We are always hungry in this country even rich people do and may you never stop hungry including the one that has money to buy data still cries hunger.

Politics apart, it's not about hunger, the presidential election is over and was won by Buhari. The same way no one hears ”Atikulated” anymore. Atiku 2023 is on the making, you guys will still be Atikulated or Electrocuted. The norm is, by next election, new slogans will emerge again and we shall make our choices like we use to do.

Political slogans are not by individuals, or “Them” or Burhari supporters or PDP/APC loyalists?. The irony is, “We” all get affected! Instead of pointing fingers, let’s come together and do the needful. Politicians play a lot of tricks, we need to enlighten our people. No time to blame games..!

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When last did you hear "SAI BABA"?

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