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Throwback picture of how Okechukwu celebrated and portrayed Nigeria's Independence in 2020.

Indeed, Nigeria is a blessed country with so many resources and filled with goal-oriented people. Beyond reasonable doubt, Nigeria has contributed well towards the growth of the African economy and as such, the word "giant of Africa" was given to Nigeria.

Just because today is October 1st, so many Nigerians, political leaders, human rights activists and many others have taken to different social media platforms to celebrate Nigerian independence and her freedom.

Although Nigeria has been existing before 1960, on October 1st 1960, some worthy and celebrated leaders took the lead and ensure that Nigeria becomes a sovereign State and a liberated nation.

Last year, to celebrate this same independence, a lady with the name Okechukw Ella Ada chose to celebrate Nigerian independence in a very unique and different manner. She took it upon herself to explain what some Nigerians are passing through via her pictures.

Although so many people condemn her for portraying the country in such manners, others that understand the message in the pictures appreciated her.

The likely meaning of some of Ella Ada's pictures is below.

Though the picture is a year ago, so many people still referred to it because of the in-depth messages in the photos.

1. Okechukw chose to explain what some people passes through before they can feed themselves and their families. This simply explains the unemployment rate in the country, the federal government is doing their best to provide more job opportunities for the unemployed youth in Nigeria.

Another angle that Ada's picture talked about is the state of infrastructure. Indeed, the present administration, President Buhari's administration has done a whole lot and so much money has been invested in building good roads and embarking on worthwhile projects. Unlike before, Nigeria now has so many standard rail stations and rail lines. Nigerians now have different means of transportation to use at any time.

Also, the area of insecurity has been taken care of by the federal government and the security operatives. Recall that, the federal government partnered with some developed countries to fight this insecurity and as such some powerful machinery and weapons were acquired. Today, the rate of insecurity has reduced to the minimum in Nigeria, travellers can now travel safely without the fear of kidnappers or abductors.

To celebrate Nigeria's independence, the former president, Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, has advised all Nigerians to be optimistic about Nigeria. Nigeria will rise again, he said.


All the pictures used are just for illustration purposes.

Photo Source: Okechukw Ella Ada Facebook page.

Content created and supplied by: Ade_write (via Opera News )

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