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“NO LIGHT NO ELECTION” Crisis in Okitipupa as they are planning for a protest

“NO LIGHT NO ELECTION” Crisis in Okitipupa as they are planning for a protest over the blackout for 10 years now

It has come to our notice that the three arms of government are not in any means helping our situations here at Okitipupa local government in Ondo State.


It is now time to fight for our right as a citizen of federal republic of Nigeria, the only means we have here is our generator and now I can say they are a lot of news out there that generators are to be banned in Nigeria meanwhile “The senators uses a standby generator during the plenary session to debate on the bill to ban the use of generators in Nigeria” this is really pathetic.

We have been deceived several times about the light but I think there is no positive reactions towards it so we have to stand up and fight for our right. And we should protest in Okitipupa over the blackout for 10 years now.

To all Ikale, Apoi and Ilaje its time to raise our voice and say no to all this suffering Because we are lacking a lot in our communities such as better factories and companies and lots more, no job opportunity for the youth here unlike some other places in Nigeria where you can work with a lot of companies to make a living all they do here is okada and some petty jobs just to make a living, a lot of companies has been closed down due to the huge amount they spend on fuel.

There has not been electricity in all our communities and it has caused us a lot of hardship. “The artisans can no longer work, businesses are collapsing and life has become so unbearable for us.”

One of my brother said and I quote 
The moon has ascended between us,
Between two pines
Our people madness is bad
Let the past go,we shall not be sorry to meet it….
Ikale has been in darkness about seven years ago now,,,
And we have leaders but faithless one…
Agagu is the best leader we have so far here in Ikaleland…
Atunluse has joined the ancestors we all knows that…
The warrior who came,he saw and he conquered….
Juna ka tan….
Let there be light…
We need light not darkness
We need electricity not desert home
It’s time to fight for our right
If you want peace then prepare for war
It’s an open secret that lkale is in darkness”.

Many musicians have said a lot about our light here in ikale land, like one of our brother here “Omo oba Ademola Suzi” and I heard it from some other musicians too.

Our transformers has now turn to a location for some Photographer, its now used for taking pictures.

Now its the right time to make use of our “PVC” permanent voters card in a better way not for us to turn it to our ATM CARD during the elections period, its now or never. Ikale, Apoi and Ilaje let us fight for our right for I stand with“NO LIGHT NO ELECTION” in our community. “no electricity no election”, “what offense has Ikale,Apoi and Ilaje Committed” committed to deserve all this treatment, “FG has failed in service delivery”, “NDDC is fraud”, “Ondo govt has failed us.”

The youths lamented that communities in the Ikale, Apoi and Ilaje area of Ondo state have been in darkness for the past 10 years without government intervention.

We have to go for a protest here in our community so we can show our government how desperate we are about the light issue, and we have to make our government realized that when we have no light here in our community then there should be no election, for election is around the corner and we are tired of fake promises from all the aspirants.


You can drop your comment here and let’s get to know your own opinion about this issue and we will fixed a date for a meeting so we will know the next step to take. 


How is NEPA electricity in your area? Is it stable or not, let hear you out in the comments section below. And don't be too stingy to SHARE this News by using the sharing button HERE.

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