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Why Nigeria system of government should be called plutocracy not democracy.

Democracy is "a government of the people, by the people, and for the people" quoted by Abraham Lincoln. Democracy allows citizens to participate in the decision making of a country irrespective of status, religion and gender. Plutocracy on the other hand, only allows the wealthy and rich to rule and make decision. In 1960, Nigeria attained her independence. Several leaders have ruled this country, from presidents to head of states and prime ministers but the history made so far is not remarkable. Different coups were carried out, assassinations took place, civil war broke out, rights of citizens are trampled upon, corruption has become language of the leaders just to mention a few. I always wondered if we are democratic or plutocratic. What has democracy fetched us for far. Let's go deeper.

1.Government policies are inimical to the interests of the society .We live in a society where the majority is the masses struggling for a survival yet the government making unfavorable policies. For instance, tax rate keeps going higher with no significant impact on the development of the country.These taxes are imposed and collected from the hard- earned money of individuals with no account for it.

Recently, stamp duty was deducted from all bank accounts which is not supposed to be, only for their selfish purposes . A pandemic is going on and majority depends on the meagre amount deposited in banks.

Currently, ban on flights was lifted but west African examination was cancel for this year. One would thought this would not happen because education is vital and crucial to the citizens, sadly it was so. Nigerians have taken responsibility to prevent covid but why would the government not take responsibility of organizing a very important examination. I still wonder if this is part of the benefits of democracy because education should be cherished by the government.

2.Public issues are not considered important.

The issue of new minimum wage for workers is still pending whereas millons are been paid as monthly salaries on due date into their accounts. Insecurity and insurgency rate keeps looming yet government have not make a solid move to curb insurgency and insecurity.

The education sector keeps downgrading, mis-managed, facing a lot of challenges and problem day by day. Despite all these, a little percent is budgeted for education out of the national budget. Their own children are sent overseas for a better education while the children of the masses are struggling to afford a better education in the country.

3. Right of citizens are not respected and trampled upon. The foundation of a good democracy is the fundamental human right of citizens.

Right to life

This is head of all right and the primary role of government. The right of a common citizens in not secured, innocent souls are slain, lives are lost due to government not taking necessary actions rather they employ large number of security officers to protect them.

Right to freedom of speech and expression.

Democracy allows the voices of the masses and the majority to be heard. We have witnessed the arrest and prosecution of citizens who voiced and protest against the government which is contradictory to the constitutional rights guiding democracy.

Right to vote

An important right that cannot be overlooked is right to vote. Eligible citizens must be given the vote whoever they want in power and every vote must count. We are in a situation where political officers bribe their way through elections in the aim being able to get power.

Institutions which ought to preserve and protect the society are also not left out.

Dear readers, with these large plutocratic elements in our system of government, it's high time we stop addressing our system of government democratic. What has democracy fetched us so far?

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