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The only person in the world who can travel to any country without passport or visa

Yes, you read the headline right. There is just one person in the whole wide world who does not require a visa or a passport to visit any country of choice.

Normally you need visa or an international passport to get into any country other than your own, if caught without one in a foreign country, you would be arrested.

Still she has traveled to over 110 countries and still doesn't own a visa or passport.

Such a privilege belongs to a woman who is none other than Queen Elizabeth II, the queen of Great Britain. But why is she giving such a great honour? We know that Queen Elizabeth II is the longest reining monarch and that her husband just passed away, here is the simple reason behind her privilege:

On the cover of a British passport the Royal arms symbol is featured. The first page of the passport contains these words

More clearly, this is what is written;

What this implies is that every British passport is issued in the name of her majesty Queen Elizabeth. Therefore it is simply unnecessary for her to hold a British passport with her when travelling overseas.

The rest of her family members do not enjoy this privilege, it is a right granted to arguably the most powerful monarch on the world.

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