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Abba Kyari's Action Will Affect You As A Nigerian- Reno Omokri

Reno Omokri is seen as an activist who always obviously speak the truth about the government of the day, since the inception of Kyari's allegation, he has not rested as he called on DCP Abba Kyari to honour the FBI's call to go clear himself if he thinks he is innocent.

According to him in his verified Facebook page, he said that there's no truth in the statement of the DCP saying he do supply native attire the HushPuppi and as such should be investigated and sent to jail if found guilty.

Earlier today, Reno Omokri made a post on his verified Facebook account recounting the negative effects Kyari's allegation and refusal to go clear himself in the international community may have on the Citizens and even the government. According to him, in his own words, " It makes the Government less Trustworthy" he believed that the action if not properly investigated may make the international community skeptical of us and in turn not trusting to do any business with us which will in turn drop it's effects on the Citizens, he believed that we will fall in Transparency International CPI. As a result of this, Foreign Direct investment will fall which will lead to high level of unemployment in the Country. He believes that this will cause Naira to crash further as no one will be willing to do business with a Country that is not Trustworthy, what do unemployment bring? It brings high Crime and Insecurity, because of the high level of Insecurity, the government will want to fight it by all means which will cause them to use our GDP in fighting insecurities instead of building infrastructures.

Omokri believes that the corrupt practices all started in our Judicial System, Law Enforcement Agencies and the Civil Service of which if not properly handled or managed will be felt more by the poor man on the street trying to meet ends meet because according to him, money runs away from a Country with low trust.

In further personal reflections, looking at our people living outside the country to do businesses, will this not affect their businesses too especially when people get to know that they're Nigerians, won't they see them as Fraudsters? The government should look properly into this thing to salvage the common man.

Do you believe that Kyari's issue if not properly handled could tend to affect the common man on the street? What do you think about Omokri's view on the issue?


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